Free queer party!

Join us for a fun night of music, community, dancing, and rocking out.

Side Pony: Side Pony is an Oakland-based indie rock group inspired by queer punk, Dolly Parton, 80s ballads, & too many Virgo songwriters to count.

The Shelley Doty X-tet Led by Shelley Doty, the X-tet is an eclectic group of bad-asses playing slamming rock with a jazz attitude. SDX features Angeline Saris on Bass, and Denise Martin on Drums - No limits, no wrong answers, and spanking good time with energy through the roof.

Easy Queen: Easy Queen is three fierce, feminist, funny females forging fabulously funky rock. For real. On the dusty road between PJ Harvey and Portishead, you’ll find Easy Queen singing in harmony, groovin' hard, and making love to their audience.

***Please note that the restrooms at El Rio are not ADA accessible and do not have grab bars. We can coordinate with Virgil's (the bar next door) to make sure those who need an ADA restroom have access. The doors, show space, and most of the club at El Rio are wheelchair accessible, as is the back deck, though the yard is not.

***Please come to the show SCENT FREE to support access for folks with chemical sensitivities. Though the venue is not fragrance free and is open to the public, so we can't promise a fully scent free space. See for some hot tips on showing up fragrance free.