Audrey Howard is a songwriter, vocalist, and sound engineer from the Bay Area, California.  She performs both as a solo artist on acoustic and electric guitars, accompanied by her own tracks she created in Logic, and with her full rock band. Her music is inspired by her idols:  Jimmy Page, Ani DiFranco, Jack White, Sonic Youth.  Audrey is also an in-demand guitarist - she plays in a 70's rock band, an original post-punk band, and is a guest artist with many local bands.

Audrey came to San Francisco after starting out as a solo coffee-shop performer in Chicago.  She soon founded her first rock band, "Strumpet" - and started making a name for herself with her impassioned performances and skilled playing.  An actress by training, she is never shy on the stage, and has a way of enrapturing everyone in the audience.  Audrey has since recorded several albums, both solo and with her bands, toured across the country, and found new inspiration as a recording and mixing engineer.

These days you can find her on stage, working with the science team at Dolby Labs, in her home studio working on a new single, or teaching guitar.

Check out her groovy-grungy, soulful, hook-laden music on this site, and join her many fans!